User Interface

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Tool Bar



The action buttons of the tool bar are, respectively, from left to right:

Open a position file
Save in a position file
Print using current options
Print preview (report / solution)
Search positions
Mate search and analysis
Solving options
Special effects


Status Bar


In most cases:

Zone 1:indicates, depending on the pointer's position, on which square the pointer is located.
Zone 2:indicates the usual solving options (S: set position; T: try play; A: actual play) and the problem category.
Zone3:displays a brief help message in regard to the menu item or the selected button.


During file-related operations

Zone 1:indicates the position number corresponding to the scrolling bar movements or the number of selected positions.
Zone 2:n/a
Zone 3:indicates the current file name and the current position number.


In mate search mode

Zone 1:indicates which white move is being tested
Zone 2:indicates whether a mate has been found
Zone 3:displays the search duration


In analysis mode

Zone 1:indicates which black move is being analysed
Zone 2:indicates which variation is being tested
Zone 3:n/a


Keyboard shortcuts

[F1]Problemist Help
[F2]Clear Board
[Shift]+[F2]Restore Board
[F3]Setup Mode
[F4]Refresh Solution
[F5]Solve the problem
[F7]Problem Type
[Shift]+[F8]Save a position
[Ctrl]+[F8]Append a position
[F9]Open a file
[Shift]+[F9]Open a position
[F10]Search positions
[Shift]+[F10]Problem List
[F11]Solving Options

Mouse shortcuts


To enter information, click in the relevant zone (below the chess board)
To enter the problem type, click in the relevant zone (underneath the chess board and to the right)
To modify the search and editing options, click in zone 2 of the status bar
To active setup mode, right-click on the board.


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