Board Setup

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Editing the position using the keyboard

Activate the setup mode ([F3])
To place a piece on the chess board using the keyboard, select a space using the arrow keys, then type the piece's initial, using low case for the blacks and upper case for the whites.
To remove a piece, press the space bar.
Use the [+] or [-] keys to scroll through all the available pieces.


Editing a position using the mouse:

To place a new piece, right-click to activate the setup mode and open the piece box. The pieces can then be removed from the box and copied on the chess board.


To move a piece on the chess board, click on the piece and drag it while pressing down the left button.
To copy a piece on the chess board, move it while pressing down the [Ctrl] key.
To remove a piece from the board, drag it outside the chess board.


Shortcuts: While in setup mode, you can place a piece on the board by pointing the mouse at a square and then typing the piece's initial.


Tips: When you right-click in the piece box, the piece will remain highlighted until you click again on the same button.


Problemist interprets repeated placements of the same piece as a colour change. Thus [r] on an empty square would place a black rook there. Now, if [r] was pressed again, the rook could become white, and so on.


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