Printing Options

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Problemist supports several printing options:

Standard report:

To print:

The information and diagram relating to the current position, on the top left corner of the first page
The solution as displayed in the editor, below the diagram on one or more columns (4 max).

You can chose not to print the diagram.

If the result is not suitable, you can use any text editor or word processor to modify the result provided it has been saved in a text file that includes (see Problem List - Solution ->Text):

The position in "casefont" characters,
The piece list,
Information related to the problem and problem type.

Diagram Pages

To print diagrams selected in the Problem List. The layout can be adjusted to fit a variable number of diagrams per page.

You can also select the diagram border type.

General options

Diagrams are printed using the CASEFONT.TTF True Type font, which must be previously installed on your computer. Normally, this font will be automatically installed when Problemist runs for the first time. Otherwise, use the Windows Control panel to install it manually (the font file can be found in the Problemist directory). If the font is not properly installed, the diagram will not print. The font used to print the solution can be set via the Display options command.

The printing font is derived from the display font.

Margins can be set at will.


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