List of problems

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The list is created:

Either by the "New" command. It then contains the current file's list of positions
Either as a result of a position search. It then contains the positions found during the search.


To display the existing list, use the "Old list" command, the toolbar or the [Shift]+[F10] shortcut. The selected positions are memorized when the list is closed.


The positions are always listed by file names along with the position's number in the file. The full name of the file, which corresponds to the selected item, is displayed in the status bar.


The list allows you to apply actions as determined in the "Actions" pull-down menu to one or more selected positions:

Positions-> Printer: Prints the selected position's diagram using the usual printing options.
Positions-> PBM file: Saves the selected positions and the corresponding information at the end of the selected Problemist file.
Positions-> PGN/EPD file: Saves the selected positions as a PGN or EPD file. These features are disabled in the Demo version.
Positions-> TEX file: Saves the selected positions in a LaTex file. This export, disabled in the Demo version, uses the "chess-problem-diagrams" package.
Positions->Visualiser: To preview all the selected positions in the Visualiser.
Solutions-> TXT file: Saves as a .TXT file the selected positions' solution text preceded by the diagram in coded characters (to be used by the True Type font Cases) and the pieces' list in a text file. The solution is added at the end of the .TXT file, which can later be edited using any word processor.
Solutions->Text: Saves into the corresponding PBM files the selected positions' solution text. Warning: when you do this, the existing saved text is definitively replaced with the text in the editor.
Duplicate information: Duplicates and saves a text as determined in the corresponding information field of a selected position group. Warning: any information previously entered will be replaced with the selected text. For the "Source" zones, you can select a number from which Problemist will increment (e.g. Diagrammes 1996 n°2498, Diagrammes 1996 n°2499, etc.)


In the case of a multiple selection, each position is processed according to its ranking order in the list. To change this listing number use the "Up" and "Down" buttons.


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