Searching positions

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The "Search Positions" command searches in the current scope to locate all the positions corresponding to the selection criteria (cumulative) as specified in the "Search criteria" dialog box.




Searches for text specified in the various information zones saved with the positions. e.g. find problems published by such author in such magazine.


Number of pieces:

Selects the problems whose number of pieces matches the criteria



Selects the problems with one or more discriminant.



Selects pawn-free problems



Looks for saved problems that contain the matrix stored in the current board. Four options are available :

Identity: Looks for positions in which the matrix is in the same place and has the same orientation. Excludes the following option.
Translation: Looks for positions in which the matrix has the same orientation but not necessarily the same place. Excludes the above option.
Symmetrical: Looks for positions where the matrix can be identified through horizontal and vertical inversions.
Rotation: Looks for positions in which the matrix can be identified through 45-degree rotations.

 By combining the Symmetrical and Rotation options, the program tests all the possible permutations.



Looks for saved problems matching the requested type (mode and/or move number).

The wildcards are designated by a question mark. For example, "?#2" will look for any type of chess mate (direct, reverse, etc.) in two moves; "s??" will look for reverse pats or chess mates, regardless of the number of moves.



File: To search the current file
Directory: To search all the files in the current directory as well as its sub-directories.
Disk: To search all the files in all the directories of the current disk


The matching positions are displayed in the Problem List.


The "Action" button gives access to the following features:

Recover Matrix: To replace the previously used search matrix
Delete criteria: To delete all the search criteria
Memorize criteria: To save the search criteria for later use. The memorized criteria will be automatically saved when you quit Problemist and be available for a later session.
Reload criteria: To reload the previously memorized criteria


Tip: Click in the "Information" or "Type" zones for quick access to the dialog boxes which allow you to set your search criteria.


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