Problem Information

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Use the dialog box to type in or modify the problem information. This information will be memorized with the current position in the following zones:


Author(s): the problem's author(s) (256 characters)


Source: the problem's origin (128 characters)


Prize: Awards received by the problem


Comments (128 characters)


To save a longer text (up to 4096 characters), type or paste it in the editor and use the Save text command.


Problemist also provides:

The list of the most famous composers/authors (AUTEURS.TXT file)

 (Use the Biographical Selection command to replace the authors' list)

The list of the most common sources (SOURCE.TXT file)
The most common awards


Pull down the relevant combo lists to access these lists.


To key in the author's name (or names if the problem was composed in partnership), you must:

Enter each name in the combo box editing zone if it does not already appear in the authors' list
Insert it in the target list using the "Add" button. This routine is not necessary if the problem has a single author: Problemist will automatically do it for you.


A number of tools are available to manage the authors' names:

The "Add" key adds the name of the selected author in the combo box:
Before the selected item (if any) in the target list
At the bottom of the list if no item is selected. To clear the selection, click in the dialog box background.
The "Remove" key deletes the selected item from the authors' list.
The "Information" key displays in the status bar a short biographical note on the author selected in the combo box.



Inserting a double space in your copy will force a line return
A double-click in the target list will remove an author from the list. You can then edit it in the combo box editing zone.
To avoid typing in the same information over and over again, Problemist allows you to duplicate this information in a group of positions selected in the List of problems dialog box.


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