Help & Manual is a stand-alone authoring tool that simplifies the creation of Windows help files, print manuals and documentation in general.

A straight-forward and easy-to-use interface

Help & Manual combines a text editor and a tree-view of the content in one window. It lets you easily navigate the table of contents and insert or edit help topics without much fuss. This simple and intuitive interface has much been copied but never reached the same usability level.

The WYSIWYG interface leaves out all the cryptic references for hyperlinks, macros and images. Instead of scuffling with topic IDs, footnotes and obscure commands, you can concentrate on more important things: to design your help file.

Everything you need is right there at your finger tips.

With Help & Manual you can easily create all standard Windows help formats (HTML HELP, Classic Winhelp, Microsoft Help 2.0), Word documents and PDF files.

Last but not least, you can print user manuals directly. Including a table of contents and a keyword index, with customized page layouts, headers, footers and page numbering.

All these documentation types are created from one single source! From a Help & Manual project that saves the data for topics, contents, keywords, index and all project settings in a single source file.


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